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Organizational Communications Assessment

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IRI’s Organizational Communications Assessments identify opportunities for organizations to engage in more robust, results-oriented communications with internal and external audiences.

A thoughtful, well-executed communication strategy is the foundation of any successful positive employee relations program. Communication fosters the trust, support and commitment of employees and other stakeholders that is vital to successfully managing organizational change, public relations challenges and key employee relations issues.

Does Your Organization Need a Communications Assessment?

  • Does your organization have a communications strategy?
  • Are you confident that organizational and departmental communications reach all employees?
  • Do your communications convey your intended message?
  • Are you maximizing opportunities to tell your story to employees and other stakeholders?
  • Do you provide opportunities for employees to ask questions and receive feedback from managers and leadership?
  • Do managers have the skills and tools they need to communicate effectively with employees?
  • Do you know which communication vehicles are most effective in reaching, informing and motivating key audiences?
  • Do you reach out to key constituents in the community and do they understand your organization’s value to the community?
  • Are you maximizing your investment in organizational communications?

Successful organizational communications share key traits and benefits; chiefly, the ability to develop and deliver messages that are persuasive, educational and supportive of the organization’s goals. Our communications assessments provide information critical to developing a sound communications strategy designed to encourage employee engagement, improve community relationships, enhance workplace productivity and manage organizational change.

IRI offers two levels of assessment:

Internal Communications Assessment

An analysis, report and recommendations assessing an organization’s communications process and proficiency based on:

  • Interviews with key executives
  • Surveys of key managers
  • Employee focus groups
  • Review of internal publications, materials and communication practices
  • Prioritized recommendations for improvement

Comprehensive Communications Assessment

An analysis, report and recommendations assessing an organization’s overall communications strategy, policy and materials to internal and external audiences, including employees, governing boards, financial stakeholders, legislative leaders, community leaders and the media.

Focus areas include:

  • Employee communications
  • Community outreach
  • Media coverage and relationships
  • Legislative and lobbying communications
  • Communications to investors, bondholders and donors

The process and insight provided by a communications assessment allow leaders to build upon successful communications methods and eliminate those that don’t work, delivering practical recommendations for improvements. Your investment in a strong communications program advances your organizational goals as well as demonstrates to employees your commitment to building a culture of transparency, open communication and collaboration.

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