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Too often, rumors and the workplace grapevine serve as the primary source of information for employees, a situation that severely limits the ability of managers to share important information accurately and communicate effectively. It also can foster employee distrust and resentment of management, spoiling morale and productivity.

In organizations that communicate well with employees, all levels of management are actively involved in regular organizational dialogue and participate in a process that creates a culture of open, factual and timely internal communications.

The Cascade Communications Process helps reinforce the relationship between managers and their staff by “cascading” or pushing information throughout the organization – from senior executives to supervisors and managers to workers on the frontlines.

The process also is designed to send information up through the organizational structure, creating a dynamic, two-way information flow that drives vital information and gives employees a voice in the workplace.

Most importantly, this process emphasizes face-to-face communications, allowing employees to learn about important information directly from their supervisors, to ask questions and to provide critical feedback.

As part of IRI Consultants’ custom Cascade Communications Process, supervisors and managers receive targeted training and participate in developing systems that fit the organization’s culture. This process includes regular updates for managers from senior executives, training in constructive conversations and how to use talking points, Q&As and messaging documents, both to influence and guide employee perceptions and improve the workplace dialogue.

Cascade communication is a flexible process. Some messages are most effective when they are delivered in “skip-level” meetings, others in a direct cascade. The exact configuration depends on the nature of the project and the organization’s structure.

Whatever your communication needs, IRI can help you develop an effective, cost-beneficial plan.

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