Integrated, strategic communications are pivotal to any organization’s success in managing change and achieving desired goals.

Organizations that employ a high-quality communications process perform better, enjoy greater customer satisfaction and a more engaged, loyal work force – all of which lead to a more productive and successful organization.

IRI Consultants offers proven communications tools and processes, as well as customized communications plans to help organizations communicate more effectively with their employees and key stakeholders in the community.

At IRI, we have helped hundreds of organizations meet their goals, manage change, and engage their employees through strategic communication planning tailored to their needs.

Among these services, we offer the Cascade Communications Process, an effective system that helps reinforce the relationship between managers and their staff through a “cascade” of information that flows down through the organization and back up again.

We also offer a wide range of assessments that allow clients to better gauge the success of their communications vehicles and efforts.

In times of growth, change and challenge, organizations need allies in the community, the statehouse and within their own ranks. If your organization becomes a target or subject of controversy, those allies are even more important.

Our communications team includes former journalists, legislative aides and public relations executives who know how to gather information and craft compelling stories so that you can manage your message and rally support where it matters most.

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