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Engagement survey results can be elusive for many organizations, and using the data to actually drive business outcomes is even more challenging. The IRI Analytics Employee Engagement Survey platform helps organizations harness the full potential of employee surveys by linking survey items to business outcomes. We enable businesses to integrate engagement across the entire organization, not just in problem areas. Even organizations using such efficiency systems as Six Sigma and LEAN, have found that improving employee engagement strongly impacts business results.

Our first step is a thorough assessment of the client’s current engagement practices. We consider:

  • In which parts of the organization are employees engaged?
  • Where are they disconnected?
  • What are the issues that are interfering with engagement?
  • What areas have engaged employees doing things that disconnected areas are not?

Our Strategic Survey HeatMaps focus leaders on the critical few drivers that will have the greatest impact on results. HeatMaps:

  • Utilize analytics to identify the employee attitudes that drive business outcomes
  • Prioritize interventions that have the greatest impact on business outcomes
  • Focus front-line managers on the areas that will improve performance
  • Improve the attitudes that improve your business

Strategies to Increase Employee Engagement

By integrating our analysis of engagement practices with the results of the HeatMaps, IRI teams with clients to develop an enterprise-wide engagement strategy of operational, financial, customer relations and marketing initiatives. Although we offer an assortment of tools to firmly embed engagement in an organization’s culture, we have found three to be of particular value to many clients:

  1. Employee Advisory Groups
  2. Shared Governance
  3. Fastrack Teamssm
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