IRI Analytics

Advanced Analytics for the Healthcare Industry

For our healthcare clients, IRI has partnered with SMD Link to form IRI Analytics, the only provider of patented analytics technology for healthcare organizations. IRI Analytics tools and assessments allow healthcare leaders to determine factors that directly impact their organization’s financial and operational performance, including HCAHPS scores, clinical outcomes, and other critical measures that affect the bottom line.

IRI Analytics provides a suite of cutting-edge tools to healthcare leaders and human resources (HR) professionals. In most hospitals and health systems, HR departments execute policies and procedures but are rarely positioned to drive results. IRI Analytics surveys, assessments, and tracking tools link key metrics including revenues, safety, patient satisfaction and employee engagement to provide insights backed by data.

In a new era of value-purchasing and pay-for performance in healthcare, this technology puts analytics in the hands of front-line leaders who can use the data to prioritize areas most likely to improve performance rather than spend resources chasing benchmark scores. Leaders receive a blueprint of opportunities that will drive outcomes and offer a real return on HR investments, initially and over time.

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