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The IRI Solution

IRI’s 360° Feedback Assessment helps clients identify and assess gaps between desired and actual behaviors and outcomes, and pinpoint opportunities for growth. Among the benefits, organizations can:

  • Improve teamwork between individuals, functional teams and workgroups or departments
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Enhance performance throughout the enterprise

The 360° Feedback Assessment is designed to collect reliable information from various sources – supervisors, peers, direct reports and even customers – then compare it with data gleaned from self-assessments. This data collection is the first step in developing an action plan to achieve meaningful and measurable developmental change.

Clients have access to IRI’s online assessment as a standalone tool or in conjunction with consulting services to enhance communications, leadership coaching and training needs analysis.

About the 360° Degree Survey:

Using the Centranum technology platform, we pull from a normative database of 1,300 behaviorally based items organized into 36 categories with dozens of survey items for each. The categories are consistent with leadership, cognitive and affective behaviors identified for personal and professional development. We also offer specific questions to support an organization’s overall mission, vision and values.

The feedback report includes:

  • Competency summaries
  • Competency ratings
  • Detailed ratings comparing results of feedback from different categories of contributors (supervisor, peer, direct reports, self) on a single graphic
  • Blind spots (self versus others)
  • Manager disagreement with self
  • The highest- and lowest-rated competency standards

IRI’s 360° Feedback Assessment provides numeric and narrative feedback – a unique capability that offers clients added insight into specific areas. Because the assessment is designed to measure gaps and establish developmental paths, it can be administered a second time within one year to measure gains at no additional cost.

IRI’s Assessment Services include:

Communication Strategies to address participant concerns about the purpose of the assessment, how it will be used and confidentiality – preparation that is crucial to the assessment’s success.

We offer ready-to-use communications or materials tailored to a client’s specific needs with messaging about the assessment and the organization’s goals.

Coaching and Development reports for each leader who is being assessed. Our experienced coaches can provide private, on-site sessions for individual leaders to review the assessment feedback, identify behaviors that contribute to rater perceptions and recommend behaviors to foster more successful relationships. In partnership with each leader we create specific action plans and develop implementation strategies to make change rapid, meaningful and lasting.

We also provide action-planning templates participants can use to identify goals and specific strategies and track progress, as well as identify areas in which performance gaps are consistent within a department or throughout the organization.

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