Organizational Development

IRI’s Organizational Development (OD) approach supports operational excellence by starting with a client’s business objectives. IRI then determines how HR practices and processes can be created, strengthened and reinforced to support key strategic objectives.

Partnering with clients, IRI provides full-service human performance consulting and training services to:

  • Establish or enhance a human resources infrastructure
  • Structure and align work processes and systems to better focus on business goals
  • Develop leadership competencies and skills
  • Create a workforce that is knowledgeable, skilled, able and motivated to perform

IRI offers a broad range of expertise through our OD services. These include client-tested consulting processes and market-tested training courses that focus on delivering measurable results and return on investment.

Consulting and Training Capabilities and Services

Our OD practice is structured to assist clients in leveraging the talent of their workforce to better meet organizational and business objectives. IRI draws from four focus areas to meet clients’ needs:

1. Organization Design

  • Structural analysis, policies and procedures
  • Operational and information systems strategy
  • Staffing and compensation strategy
  • Organizational diagnostics and employee engagement

2. Process Improvement & Systems Design

  • Workflow process improvement (LSS)
  • Human resource and employee life-cycle processes
  • Aligned performance management systems
  • Fastrack Teamssm

3. Leadership Development & Performance Management

  • Strategic and business skills training (strategic planning, project management, finance for non-financial managers)
  • Leadership and communication skills training (motivation, influence, listening, speaking and presenting)
  • Competency identification and succession planning
  • Team development and leadership skills training and coaching (facilitating meetings, forming and championing the team)
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills training and coaching

4. Workforce Training & Development

  • Employee orientations and on-boarding
  • Technical skill training
  • Sales training and support systems
  • Interpersonal skill training (communication, teamwork, respect and sensitivity)
  • Self-development skills (time management, goal-setting, business writing)
  • Executive coaching
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