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Employee Advisory Groups

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Employee Input

Great managers are wired into employee thinking as a way to get feedback, communicate vision and values, and establish goals.

One of the most effective tools to promote engagement and manage critical issues, Employee Advisory Groups (EAGs) provide managers with focused, non-binding employee input on workplace issues. EAGs serve many roles, including as safety valves that highlight areas of conflict and dissatisfaction to help management identify and address problems in the workplace. Additionally, EAGs:

  • Improve two-way communication about issues that may affect staff, operations and productivity
  • Allow managers to recognize and resolve employee concerns
  • Increase employee involvement and commitment to organizational goals
  • Provide employee input into customer service, operations and human resource policies
  • Boost overall employee satisfaction and organization performance

How it Works

IRI has worked with hundreds of clients to establish effective, high-functioning EAGs. This process, designed to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines, begins by establishing the EAG’s mission, purpose and scope of responsibility and, importantly, those issues “off limits” – particularly issues involving wages and benefits.

IRI then collaborates with the client to design and conduct EAG training – or train client trainers – to develop membership criteria and outline the process by which organizations select and recruit EAG members.

One goal is to establish a sustainable EAG program by helping to design the meeting structure, facilitator responsibilities, communications guidelines and tools to monitor the group’s progress and measure its success.

Finally, we assist the organization in designing and implementing the internal communications that will help build support for the EAG, engage employees, and demonstrate the organization’s commitment to increasing employees voices in the workplace.


  • Solicit employee input and encourage two-way communications
  • Recognize and resolve employee concerns
  • Increase employee involvement and commitment to organizational goals
  • Boost employee satisfaction and organization performance

EAGs can be used to build better workplaces, including employee recognition and involvement, job enrichment and education, communication, quality enhancement and organizational performance.

IRI Consultants’ field-tested methods for setting up and sustaining an Employee Advisory Group make EAG implementation quick, simple and effective.

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