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Social Media: Strategies For Employee Engagement

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Does your organization have a social media strategy? Are you leveraging this channel to its maximum effect? IRI Consultants helps clients develop and implement custom social media strategies to help leaders communicate quickly and credibly with key stakeholders and encourage employee engagement.

Social media tools:

Blogs reach workers who prefer online communications and respond to the conversational tone of social media over traditional corporate communications. Engaging employees through blogging allows leaders to reach a larger audience, respond quickly and encourage two-way communications.

Campaign and Negotiations Web Sites provide organizations facing union campaigns and contract negotiations the ability to manage the dialogue and respond efffectively to counter union campaigns.

  • Secure campaign sites allow you to reach managers across large companies and organizations with toolkits and talking points to help them understand strategic objectives, stay current with new developments and communicate more effectively with employees.
  • Public websites inform employees and key stakeholders about a campaign, negotiations or other circumstances that call for effective community and issues education.

An online presence is a key component of any organization’s communication efforts to:

  • Solicit and respond to questions from front line supervisors and managers
  • Collect feedback and address rumors.
  • Manage operational change by sharing a vision and speaking to employee and community concerns

Our services include:

  • Scenario Planning
  • Social Media Monitoring and Reputation Management
  • Corporate Campaign Preparedness and Response
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