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In today's globally competitive environment, it's more important than ever that labor and management work with - not against - one another.

With that in mind, IRI Consultants uses a positive yet aggressive approach to managing union campaigns that builds on company strengths to promote the direct relationship with employees that many organizations want.

Managing a union campaign takes special expertise, from diagnosing and solving employee issues before they result in organizing petitions to helping organizations comply with labor laws and run a campaign that will preserve reputations, maintain important relationships and build loyalty and support in the workplace.

An old expression says, “Pay me now or pay me later.” The implication was a nickel spent now saved a dollar tomorrow. That’s the way it is with union avoidance. An effective union avoidance campaign is an investment in building a stronger workplace that could pay significant dividends down the road.

While there is nothing inherently “bad” about union representation, many companies prefer maintaining a direct working relationship with employees, without the significant financial costs and demand on resources that negotiating and operating under a collective bargaining agreement demand.

Union contracts impose severe limits on management’s operational flexibility through work rules, compensation, hiring and staffing practices, conflict resolution procedures and other legally-binding restrictions.

Many business leaders find that union contracts severely restrict their ability to make necessary changes and react quickly in a dynamic, competitive market.

At IRI, we believe the best way to avoid unions is to get – and stay – in front of the curve when it comes to creating a workplace resistant to union organizing. This requires a leadership team willing to act before the threat appears and build an organization that meets the performance needs of the marketplace as well as of employees.

With IRI’s approach, union avoidance is byproduct of Systematic Performance Improvement, a multi-step process designed to ensure satisfied employees who generate high work performance.

This process helps organizations and their leadership to:

  • Understand the issues
  • Build effective supervision
  • Address employee concerns
  • Promote great performance

The process begins with IRI’s revolutionary Issue Identification and Improvement Process I3 – a dramatically effective diagnostic tool with a proven track record of helping organizations identify and address key workplace issues before they become a long-term liability.

IRI also provides a broad range of other training, diagnostic and communications tools and services to improve your organization’s performance, enhance employee engagement and create a culture that resists union organizing efforts.

Legislative and Regulatory Compliance

Working in tandem with your legal counsel, IRI consultants conduct proprietary training programs and techniques to help you build a corps of managers, supervisors and organizational leaders who understand the complexities of labor law and ensure your organization is in compliance.

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