For 45 years, IRI Consultants has been at the forefront of delivering creative solutions across a wide spectrum of industries.

We have harnessed our industry-specific and labor relations expertise to serve and empower sectors as varied as healthcare, retail, food and agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and more. Our commitment to excellent client service has allowed us to cultivate lasting partnerships and provide tailored management and employee relations solutions.


IRI’s consultants bring their vast experience in partnering with healthcare systems, academic medical centers, hospitals, and physician groups to help clients achieve their workforce goals. Many of our consultants previously held senior healthcare positions or consulted with executive leaders and front-line employees and now offer their unique insights and time-tested strategies for client success.


Founded in Michigan during the prime of the “Big Three,” IRI’s strong ties and hands-on involvement in the automotive sector are evident. From the traditional combustion engine to emerging new technologies, our consultants have on-site plant experience and proficiency in leadership program design and labor support.


IRI brings national education sector expertise, serving universities and charter schools. With a clear understanding of union trends, social justice issues, and the pro-labor leanings of today’s younger generations, we navigate labor relations, change management, and leadership challenges.

Energy & Utilities

IRI’s consultants have worked alongside electric utilities and leading renewable fuel leaders to solve workplace challenges. We have also directed national award-winning advocacy campaigns and executed communications strategies for various initiatives, ranging from those of major natural gas and pipeline companies to the federal government’s Energy Star program and state electric deregulation efforts.

Food & Agriculture

Over the last 20 years, IRI has organized public affairs campaigns for some of the leading agricultural organizations, handling complex farm and trade issues and communicating with the public, members of Congress, and administrative officials about the importance of sound farm policy.

Additionally, we’ve worked on site with some of the nation’s largest food producers and helped them navigate workplace challenges, ranging from employee relations and engagement to food recalls and product contaminations.

Hospitality & Gaming

IRI specializes in designing personalized strategies for the hospitality industry, assisting brands, tribes, and providers nationwide in solving leadership, mergers and consolidations, engagement, and labor relations challenges. IRI helps address workforce shortages and ensures long-term resilience through effective management consulting.


Worker shortages due to retirements, opportunities elsewhere for higher wages, and activism pose unique challenges for the manufacturing industry. IRI’s experts create solutions by leveraging innovation to optimize processes, increase workforce engagement and retention, and enhance training.

Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

The influential role that oil and natural gas play in the energy market can be undermined by internal workforce issues. However, our consultants understand the highly complex systems of the industry and can provide strategies to inoculate businesses against the threat of organizing.

Our work with oil and gas companies encompasses everything from operationalizing innovation across the company to enabling new products and services with positive financial benefits. At the core of this work is effective integration through change management and communications.

pharmaceuticals industry


When companies on the leading edge of treating people start to experience their own discomfort among their workforce, they call IRI. Our consultants have worked with top pharmaceutical companies to develop strategies to ensure employees stay engaged and the business stays focused on what it does best.

From systems implementations to process improvements, we’ve managed complex changes like mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and outsourcing, enabling our clients to experience minimal disruption to their business during key times of change.


Changing dynamics in the retail sector, including the rise of e-commerce and “The Great Resignation,” demand strategic adaptations for brick-and-mortar establishments.

IRI supports global retailers with employee and labor relations, helping to promote and preserve safe and positive work environments.


Competitive tech growth has led to evolving regulations that demand increased attention to employee and labor relations. IRI’s services foster strong relationships and positive workplace culture, helping to resolve organizational issues. This, in turn, allows tech companies to remain focused on innovation and growth.

Transportation & Logistics

IRI is a leader in logistics, aviation, and transportation and excels in handling major mergers, labor campaigns, and bankruptcies. We support clients in navigating internal and external challenges, ranging from employee engagement and Capitol Hill legislative advocacy to the nuances of National Labor Relations Act and Railway Labor Act contracts.



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