Health System Triumphs Amid Covid-19 Chaos

In March of 2020, amidst the tumultuous onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a university-based medical system found itself grappling with a multitude of challenges. From operational hurdles to navigating safety protocols and addressing staff and patient distrust, the health system faced an array of obstacles exacerbated by media scrutiny, regulatory pressures, and government interventions at various levels.


  • Unprecedented operational, logistical, and safety challenges.
  • Distrust among staff and patients.
  • Additional hurdles introduced by media,
    regulatory agencies, and government officials.


  • IRI Consultants swiftly embedded themselves within the medical system's Incident Command structure, providing direct communications support across all pillars.
  • Collaborated in developing a new communications infrastructure to meet evolving organizational needs.
  • Led strategy and communications efforts surrounding key initiatives such as establishing regular briefings, partnering with local and state governments for testing and vaccination, and streamlining policy development and education.


  • The health system successfully navigated the pandemic without any staff walkouts or union-related activities.
  • Recognized by the state for its effective coordination and management, the system was entrusted with setting up and operating multiple mass testing and vaccination centers.
  • Built and maintained trust among the workforce, patients, and community members, ensuring clear and consistent communication of evolving guidance and protocols throughout the two-year period of IRI's involvement.

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