Proactively Communicating Through a Global Technology Outage

This client is a distinguished regional health system in a competitive healthcare market. They combine cutting-edge innovation, research, and discovery with medical care, all while nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals in collaboration with various academic partners. As one of their state's major private employers, their vast workforce of over 25,000 employees and 4,500 affiliated providers offers comprehensive primary and specialized healthcare services, spanning 10+ hospitals, 100+ locations, and a network of urgent care facilities.


  • Global technology outage of employer's timekeeping
    platform that affected all
    employees for 6 consecutive
  • Employee confusion and potential erosion of trust and goodwill due to system outage.
  • Complex and sensitive communication challenge regarding how time was being tracked and accuracy of pay.


  • Created consistent branding for all outage communications (webpage, email, fliers, etc.) to rebuild trust in messaging.
  • Drafted and continually updated a detailed communications plan to provide timely and custom updates to key stakeholders ranging from executive leadership to front-line associates.
  • Developed tailored communications for entering time, approving time, and managing the reconciliation of pay with detailed explanations and data.


  • Because communications emphasized the employer's commitment to ensure all employees were paid accurately and demonstrated how this was being done transparently, the organization experienced no related union activity, no legal or regulatory actions, and virtually no negative social media commentary or publicity as a result of the outage.

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