Benefits Rollout

Nearly four decades of hands-on experience has illustrated that employee satisfaction and engagement are the foundation of a strong, and thriving, organization.  Change is often feared from the onset – by employees and leaders alike – as potentially driving discontent and contributing to misinformation.

IRI’s approach is different: We embrace change as an opportunity to engage with your employees, and to reinforce the connection and partnership between management and employees.

No more personal to every employee are issues related to pay, benefits and policies.  Our consultants have worked with some of the best-known hospital systems, medical providers, businesses and industries to help them communicate this type of change at all levels.

The Issue: A statewide hospital system – having recently completed several mergers –needed to align its benefit offerings and policies across numerous hospitals and medical facilities spanning the state, replacing numerous smaller, inefficient and antiquated ones.

The Task:  We partnered with the organization to develop and execute an outreach effort that provided employees with timely, relevant and transparent information that encouraged their feedback.  Ensuring that leaders were advocates of the change was a critical component.

The Effort: Engaging with numerous stakeholders – from the C-suite to benefit providers to employee groups – we developed a communications plan that was framed in a “total rewards” context.  Doing so ensured that employees recognized the benefits of the “total rewards” approach in its entirety rather than focusing on a single element of the change.

Central to this effort was an all-new web destination that served as the one-stop shop for issues related to this effort.  The site was complemented with in-person workshops, leader training and the use of video and infographics under a single brand.

The Result: The launch was met with appreciation for its single-source information approach and simplified explanations.  The website received nearly 100,000 visits, 500,000 page views and more than 1,000 submitted questions in less than three months.  An effort to post new information and respond to employees’ submitted questions in a timely manner was an important part of the approach and reinforced the importance of employees expressing their opinions and asking questions.


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