IRI offers a variety of solutions including:

Because it generally is easier for people to learn complex information by seeing something rather than by just reading or hearing about it, IRI produces videos that can reinforce an ongoing effort, ranging from how to conduct engaging conversations with employees on union issues to implementing new benefits and policies.

By watching modeled behaviors, actions and words in these three-to-five-minute video case scenarios, supervisors and managers can begin the process of developing their own words, actions and behaviors that are both legal and effective.  Videos can be used in training sessions, as stand-alone products or as online “bites” that are easily digestible by key audiences. Importantly, videos provide consistency across teams of client trainers who are conducting multiple sessions with hundreds of managers and supervisors.

The UVA identifies key vulnerabilities and risks that could become the target of an organizing campaign. Using a custom-structured discussion guide, we interview executives, managers and supervisors who are selected based on their level of engagement and communication with direct reports and frontline employees.

The interviews center on the seven areas most often the focus of union campaigns:


Job security

Employee voice

Pay and benefits


HR resources


The information is aggregated in a comprehensive report that includes union activity indicators, a risk assessment and recommendations for short-term action.

Engaged employees who feel they are treated with dignity and respect, have a voice and are rewarded competitively are more productive, leave organizations less frequently and are less likely to seek third-party representation. Employees who feel their immediate supervisor is well informed, shares information and listens and responds sensitively also seldom seek union representation. But knowing all that goes on within an organization – while managing the day-to-day needs – can be challenging.  IRI’s tools enable leadership to make a smart investment in assessing key organizational and employee relations vulnerabilities. IRI is also equipped to also assist leaders with planning, communication and execution to improve identified areas of vulnerability.

An attack on an organization’s credibility can be costly and damaging, particularly in today’s fast-moving world of social media. IRI’s specialized CCVA identifies existing and potential vulnerabilities a union may use in a campaign designed to undermine the organization’s reputation and assesses the organization’s ability to respond effectively.

Interactive learning tools are a proven strategy for learner retention of important messages. Our eLearning services range from developing custom interactive eLearning solutions to creating storyboards of proven content for use with your existing templates. Our eLearning solutions engage the learner through basic animations, “decision tree” scenarios and learning games, including engaging quizzes that help clients gauge their progress in getting important messages across.