Organizations succeed when everyone is working toward shared goals. Whether your company is big or small, it’s not easy to get everyone on the same page. IRI’s Organizational Development Consulting team can show you the way with expert advice from former human resources executives, front-line managers and workforce consultants, coaches and trainers who have worked with companies facing some of the biggest transformations of our time.

Whether organizational change is as comprehensive as transitioning to a culture of customer service or as straightforward as implementing new systems or technologies, managing the people-side of change can be more important than managing the task-side. Our integrated approach to managing change builds on well-known change models and moves them from the theoretical to the practical.

We work in partnership with clients approaching a significant change or who have started a change only to find it stalled from competing priorities or employee resistance. Our focused approach to accelerating change leverages an easy-to-use collection of tools to guide planning, or to assess where modifications are needed in an existing implementation plan.

We coach from behind the scenes to ensure the leaders who own change or are responsible for its success remain visible and empowered. As a partner in change, our success is measured by how effectively and efficiently a change is executed.

For leaders to fully contribute to an organization’s goals they need to know what is expected and how they are expected to behave when leading individuals, teams, functions or strategies.  They need multiple opportunities to learn and demonstrate these behaviors with relevant reinforcement to create genuine behavior change; and they need to buy into positive leadership behaviors and not simply approach the process as a check-the-box activity.

Our approach to leadership development assists clients in developing specific skills and competencies using classroom, electronic or coaching platforms. By partnering with clients to create specific and measurable objectives, we design blueprints for both training and coaching. If you’re looking for the ease and consistency of online leadership training, LaborWise Leadership can support supervisors with the labor relations skills they need. With certified leadership coaches, senior instructional designers and master facilitators, we can deploy the modules of our LEAD Academy, customize the modules to integrate cultural or structural nuances or create totally work-for-hire solutions. If you’re ready to bring all your leaders into alignment around the skills they need, A Better Leader provides consistent monthly learning topics.

No matter how much technological advancement, algorithms don’t manage employee performance – managers do. Because of this reality, IRI has created a suite of services designed to assist leaders, at all levels of the organization, better manage employee performance regardless of the technology that is in place.

Our solutions focus on helping leaders set both task and relationship goals and expectations in partnership with their employees to encourage employee buy-in and ownership. They teach managers how to collect valid information on employee performance as it relates to each expectation and goal. The also clarify how to evaluate employee performance against expectations and goals to create an engaging coaching conversation that improves, inspires and motivates.

Our solutions range from mini-modules to more extensive skills-based practice experiences, all focused on the no-surprise rule: No employee should ever be surprised by their review.

Accurate and timely financial and customer data drives organizational decision-making, and when it comes to decision-making around talent management and development, the need for data is just as important.

IRI’s customizable employee surveys and assessments establish a benchmark for actionable data.  Our 360-feedback tool is used by clients as a baseline for professional development, training and coaching.  Our 180-feedback tool allows us to quickly measure the impact of a leadership training initiative through the eyes of the people that report to the leader. Our unique employee satisfaction data collection process and our customizable employee engagement survey provide a roadmap for improvement. And our internal communication assessment allows us to measure the effectiveness of a client’s internal marketing and messaging processes and identify opportunities.

In addition, we integrate DISC, Emotional Intelligence, the Global Compass and other proven self-assessments into several learning solutions to increase self-awareness in an effort to affect behavioral change.

Employees are engaged when they believe their voice is as important as the voice of the customer, and when their leadership involves them in significant decisions. If you’re not sure why employee engagement is important, the IRI team will partner with you to create engagement strategies based on how evolved you are in your employee engagement process.

In addition to conducting reliable Employee Engagement Surveys, we have set up hundreds of Employee Advisory Groups (EAGs) to provide managers with focused, non-binding employee input on workplace issues.  EAGs serve many roles, including operating as safety valves to highlight areas of conflict and dissatisfaction and help management identify and address problems.

Shared Governance is another highly effective tool often used in the healthcare industry to promote quality patient care, increase nurse satisfaction and improve retention by providing a forum for improved decision-making at the point of service. We have extensive experience helping clients develop Shared Governance programs that promote collaboration among doctors, nurses and the entire patient-care team.

People work in groups or teams to accomplish goals they could not reach by working on their own. Interpersonal conflict is a frequent disruptor of workgroup and team performance, and adaptability is a strong indicator of future success.

Our approach to team development follows four, distinct phases. We help teams increase measurable results by focusing on the team’s purpose, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each team member and strengthening team member skills in work-flow, business and interpersonal processes.

Helping a group of individuals who are required to coexist in a productive environment when they don’t need each other to do their own jobs offers a different set of challenges. With a focus on building mutual respect and engaging in interpersonal problem-solving as well as helping each other contribute to the goals of the department or function, IRI’s training and consulting solutions to strengthen workgroup performance consistently enhances measurable output.