Communications consulting from IRI can help your organization understand its own story, and know how to tell it. From the basics of your story, you’ll enjoy greater customer satisfaction along with a more engaged and loyal workforce.

IRI’s communications team includes professional writers, learning development experts, award-winning videographers, talented editors, and graphic design pros as well as former journalists, political campaign staff, legislative aides and public relations executives who know how to gather information and craft compelling stories so you can manage your message and rally support where it matters most.

As part of a broad-based employee engagement and communications program, IRI designs campaigns to bring employees in as “partners in the business” with the goal of aligning them with the mission and vision of the organization. The process initially includes a communications assessment to identify specific needs, followed by a tailored communications strategy to engage leaders as organization advocates and prepare them to discuss issues that typically arise as part of organizing campaigns.

A strong culture of communications and regular outreach to employees and key stakeholders is critical to preparing for and managing organization efforts. Whether it is a one-time communication or an entire strategy to support an organizational change, we offer significant expertise in developing approaches to meet every need. In support of this goal, we offer social media monitoring, campaign website creation and employee relations newsletters, among other tactics.

IRI assists organizations navigate the ever-changing advocacy environment and bring their most important priorities to the forefront of public debate. Sometimes this need is immediate, sometimes it is sustained and sometimes the situation evolves over time.

Whatever your issue, we can help you better define it during our initial research and develop a tailored strategy to help you address it. We leverage proven and innovative tactics to assist clients in coalition building, campaign management and earned media, and have skilled editorial developers and government affairs experts on staff prepared to do the legwork.

Depending on the need, we can also utilize advertising and digital communications, including video and graphic design. We are both nimble and astute. Ultimately, our goal is to reach your target audiences, amplify your messages, engage stakeholders and persuade the public opinion, implementing the tactics and timeline that best suits your individual needs.

Understanding the complexities of policy and rulemaking at the local, state and federal levels and its impact on your business is no easy task. That’s why we have enlisted number of “policy wonks” who are ready and able to work with our clients’ lobbyists to build and coordinate targeted legislative and regulatory strategies. We use a variety of tools to generate public momentum and support for our clients’ causes and engage key stakeholders and influencers to yield favorable policy outcomes. We have assisted clients in bill introductions and promotions, fly-ins, third-party outreach, testimony preparation and polling.

Crisis management involves identifying, preparing for and navigating disruptions. These disruptions can stem from vulnerabilities both inside and outside an organization, and are limitless in terms of scope, timing and potential fallout.

IRI helps organizations put clear parameters around this seemingly limitless threat. As a first step, we help you understand your own vulnerabilities and develop response plans. The real value however, lies in our ability to help you execute a mock plan, test your team’s roles and responsibilities, and refine accordingly. When responding to a crisis in real-time, decisions are often immediate and emotional. By running through scenarios, setting expectations and assigning clear roles ahead of time, you will eliminate uncertainty and emotion, and be prepared to make the right call at the right time.

IRI uses cutting-edge listening tools and research to help clients gather intelligence about their supporters, opponents and competitors on and offline. We identify and engage clients’ advocates on their behalf to help spread their message, while also providing vital insights to help organizations prepare for and defend their reputation in any potential crisis. These tools include but aren’t limited to: industry research; third-party education and outreach; digital and social media strategies; online influencer identification and outreach; and competitive analysis and research.

IRI offers a full suite of digital services that include custom and pre-produced video, websites, eLearning, social media and more that help our clients effectively tell their stories online and through creative design. Whether you are the target of a corporate campaign, looking for new ways to engage employees or influence a policy debate, we help you identify and implement the right digital strategy to achieve your goals. In-house capabilities include sophisticated web design, text and email campaigns, and targeted social media as well as more traditional print and graphic design. Allow our team to not only help you measure and improve engagement but deliver your results-oriented message to employees succinctly with our impressive infographic and data visual development team.