Digital Media

Whether you are facing a labor, regulatory or reputational challenge, the digital space is key to telling your story and controlling the message. IRI has helped clients across industries leverage digital and social media to engage employees, shape public policy debates and mobilize online supporters. We offer integrated solutions that are designed to work seamlessly on and offline.

The Issue: A national healthcare company was the target of a corporate campaign led by a well-funded union that included attack ads on digital and social media, a hashtag, as well as several websites aimed at weakening the company’s reputation and recruiting more members.

The Task: We were asked to provide facts and information about union claims to employees in areas where organizing activity was occurring.

The Effort: We partnered with field teams to develop an online heat map that tracked activity across each company location. We then launched a geo-targeted employee engagement campaign through Facebook, LinkedIn and Google search advertising in these hotspots. These ads drove to a campaign website featuring employee testimonials, infographics and a quiz that underscored the company’s commitment to its employees and the communities where it operates.

The Result: The campaign generated 486,000 ad impressions, 10,000 website page views, and 6,000 video views among employees over four months. The company so far remains union free.


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