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IRI Consultants is the leading consultancy for partnering with organizations to manage labor relations, enhance communications, bolster employee engagement, lead through complex change, and, ultimately, help them realize their full potential.

Latest Updates

The Value of Visual Communications

The Value of Visual Communications

Explore the significance of visual communication in workplace settings, enhancing engagement, clarity, and efficiency in conveying complex ideas effectively.

Enhancing Workplace and Human Safety: A Comprehensive Approach

Enhancing Workplace and Human Safety: A Comprehensive Approach

Organizations must embrace evolving safety standards, integrating engineering safeguards with understanding human behavior and risk tolerance.

How to Communicate with and Support Millennial Managers

How to Communicate with and Support Millennial Managers

Employers adapt to diverse workforce spanning five generations, balancing remote, hybrid, and in-office work. Focus on millennial managers: purpose-driven, tech-savvy, flexible, but wary of challenges.

How to Manage with an Abundance – Not Scarcity – Mindset

How to Manage with an Abundance – Not Scarcity – Mindset

Solzhenitsyn and Covey champion abundance mindset over scarcity. Leaders embracing abundance foster growth, innovation, and collaboration. Spot and cultivate abundance-minded leaders for thriving, inclusive workplaces.

Make the Most of Your Media Training

Make the Most of Your Media Training

Media training isn't just about interviews; it's vital for CEOs to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders. Effective media training emphasizes message development, practice, and collaboration with communications teams for success.

What We Do

For more than 40 years, IRI’s knowledgeable experts have partnered with organizations of all sizes and in multiple sectors to successfully achieve desired results.

We are ready to partner with you to anticipate and address labor relations challenges, mitigate issues through effective communications, and help your organization come out stronger than before.


Labor Relations

Today’s labor environment is more complicated than ever—don’t face it alone. We offer proactive strategies to maintain positive employee relations and expertise in managing organizing campaigns at all stages.



Whether you’re dealing with an active labor issue or want to solidify your employer brand to avoid organizing, we give clients the confidence to build rapport with internal and external audiences through succinct, transparent, customized communications.


Workforce Transformation

Times of change can make an organization vulnerable, but effective leadership can instill trust. We provide programs and solutions to develop the leadership and engagement skills of employees at all levels.


We understand and respect that every organization’s culture is unique.

So, we take a holistic and tailored, industry-specific approach to every engagement. We adapt our solutions to your distinct business challenges and opportunities. Our experience includes working hand-in-hand with Fortune 50 organizations and hundreds of for-profit, not-for-profit, faith-based, and public sector employers.

By The Numbers

Clients choose IRI for our unmatched knowledge and professionalism, superior partnering skills, outstanding reputation, and unparalleled success rate. Here are a few more reasons organizations choose IRI. 


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