Labor Relations Readiness

IRI has prepared managers for union organizing campaigns in settings ranging from healthcare to manufacturing and entertainment. Our labor relations readiness training provides a strong foundation in labor law, employee rights and teaches managers how to discuss union organizing in real-world settings.

We’ve helped some of the nation’s largest corporations avoid new unions while containing their existing bargaining units.

The Issue: A growing multi-hospital health system in a major metro area was faced with an in-house nurses’ union. The majority of the 30,000 employees were not represented.

The Task: We worked with the system to train managers and supervisors on labor law, labor communications, best practices and the early warning signs of possible union organizing.

The Effort: Our 4-hour management training sessions focused on the basics of the National Labor Relations Act, employee rights, and communication. We go back every year to train new leaders and offer 2-hour refresher courses depending on needs. The training also offers a “train the trainer” course to teach managers how to provide NLRA education to employees. We distilled the training into pocket guides that managers may use for quick reference. We helped each hospital in the system develop an employee relations philosophy and developed a Readiness Response Team that meets quarterly for two-and-a-half days of advance training and education.

The Result: After nearly 8 years of working with us, the health system has no additional bargaining units despite an active labor market where campaigning and strikes are common.


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