How Communications Strategists Connect Your Organization

How Communications Strategists Connect the Dots Across Your Entire Organization

Running a business is like sailing a ship. Not only are both focused on reaching a set destination, but they rely on a variety of skilled workers with different roles and responsibilities to get there. On a ship, this is often a mix of deckhands, engineers, stewards, and more. In a business, it’s leaders in HR, communications, marketing, operations, legal, IT, and finance, among others.

As we know, a ship can only safely reach its destination when all its crew members work together. The same goes for a business. Employees across any organization—large or small, in person or hybrid—must effectively communicate and collaborate in order for a business to succeed.

However, as departments work toward successfully executing on their own goals, “below deck” collaboration across work areas can inadvertently be ignored. That’s when experienced communications strategists can help work within and among different departments to connect the dots and produce an integrated strategy for the entire organization that helps it achieve its business objectives.

After all, effective communicators don’t just make your emails look better—they are bridge builders, translators, and even mediators.

Picking The Right Communications Partner 

Many businesses choose to partner with an outside firm to develop a communications strategy for change management, help kick-start a major initiative, or provide support for internal communications teams. When it comes to selecting the right partner for you, there are several factors to consider.

Effective communications begins with listening, and a smart communications partner takes the time to listen to others and build relationships that reveal the interconnectivity of the workplace. They may ask project leaders questions like “How is this HR decision going to affect frontline employees?” or “Is the new IT system something that needs to be proactively communicated to leaders?” By working to understand how conversations in one department affect others across the organization, consultants can foster connectivity and develop communications strategies that not only deliver a message but also break down barriers.

Additionally, a perceptive communicator considers the impact an announcement or decision will have on all facets of the workplace. They must anticipate and address questions about how the decision will affect schedules, budgets, or employees’ ability to clock in, for example. Proactively addressing these questions is key to developing communications that foster transparency and build employee trust.

Proactive communications consultants will even step in and serve as a project manager who not only keeps progress on track, but invites collaboration between internal teams, as well as external contractors or vendors, to alleviate stress or uncertainty between departments. As any communications professional will tell you, it’s the communications team who often drops anchor to ensure operational decisions are made before the ship sets sail.

With the help of a skilled and experienced communicator who considers all of the above principles, businesses can turn internal communications from a siloed, one-note effort into a collaborative process involving thoughts, ideas, timelines, and expertise from a diverse range of employee perspectives.

Putting Communications Principles into Practice

IRI’s experienced communications strategists put these principles into practice every day. One of the most valuable skills we bring to a project is our ability to quickly and seamlessly understand the inner workings of a unique operation and culture. This allows us to provide the strategic guidance of an external consultant with wide-ranging industry experience, and the delivery of an internal team member.

No matter the client, industry, or project, we’re always thinking through the logistical and cultural challenges that often trip others up. From working with C-suite leaders on large inter-departmental projects, to partnering with HR and government affairs on internal and external messaging, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure they stay on course, no matter the obstacles.

At IRI, we’ve helped clients across industries connect the dots in their organization. We believe every business is different, and each requires its own holistic and customized approach to communications. Whether you need an internal communications assessment, guidance in developing your internal communications strategy or social media strategy, digital media intelligence, crisis communications services, media relations, or media training, we have expert communications consultants who can quickly provide a specialized solution. Contact us today to discuss the next steps, give us a call at (313) 965-0350.