2023 Labor Activity in Retail

Produced in cooperation with the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), the Spring 2023 Labor Activity in Retail Report includes a wealth of data and perspectives to help retailers prepare for the year ahead. Throughout 2022, retailers faced an uphill battle in keeping their workforce engaged and efficient. High turnover rates perpetuated demand for seasonal workers, and managing global staff simultaneously was a struggle for multinational retailers – particularly when it came to onboarding new personnel. With intense competition driving down market share and profitability every day, such difficulties are especially taxing on retail businesses attempting to remain competitive.

The year ahead looks to continue these challenges and more – including the beginnings of pay transparency, new leave requirements, and even the exploration of a four-day workweek. We’re also seeing a dramatic increase in the number of union organizing attempts, particularly among younger workers. Traditional campaign messaging has shifted to include far broader demands than wages and working conditions. Add to that the rise of “Independent Unions,” … and preparing for an organizing attempt will now become a necessity in 2023.